Stories of Healing – from Whiplash with Massage

Two years ago just a few days from now, I was sitting on the 405 stopped and someone behind me was texting not driving and hit me at 35 miles an hour the first thing I remember after the wreck is I was laying between the two car seats I pulled myself up and got in the seat I checked everything and nothing broke. I got out the car and sat on the curb and ten minutes I could feel it all just start tightening up Did all kinds of X-rays. I had no damage, but I had bruises on my knee this shoulder was messed up they felt that probably strained it so the next morning I see my MD my regular MD, who says, “OK I want just to relax “I like you to take three weeks off.

Healing from Whiplash
Healing from Whiplash

Here are some pills” “Use ice. Don’t stress yourself.” I said, “So this is it.” He says, “Yeah this is what I want you to do.” So the day after that I went to a chiropractor because I understood chiropractic care. From the past Chose chiropractor that had a Yelp listing of different types of treatments based on car accidents had good reviews. The people who were taking me through the stretching and the movements and the physical rehab part of it I don’t think they had very much training I hurt worse sometimes afterward So I found a new chiropractor who’s downstairs.

And they instantly said you should look at massage upstairs and that’s when I met you. And I walked in the room that day at the bottom of my injury. Emotionally at the bottom of my injury. I was pretty sure that I was probably never gonna swing a golf club. I was never going to sit normally. I was going to hurt for the rest of my life. It was a pain… when I walked in here I couldn’t even move you probably remember that.. I couldn’t even move. And once you got down in there and started breaking the stuff up… you probably have much better ways of explaining this, but everything started to change, And it started to change in a matter weeks, and I was done. And I was back to where I have a full range of motion without any pain… I mean the full range of motion, and I couldn’t move before.

You have to trust that the manipulation… the massage is gonna make you better There are many people here. Find someone who connects with you, and that can treat you and makes you feel better and stay with it This is not your normal massage therapist. This is medical healing through hands! I’m going to play golf this summer, and I’m excited. I get to play golf. I gonna be lousy but I get to play golf I get to pull weeds I get to… do things I catered dinner for 70 people three times at a senior center to raise money but I cooked for 12 hours I stood in the kitchen and cooked. I couldn’t stand for 30 minutes when I came to see …so I don’t know how to express it any different than that. I mean you gave me back my life!